The smell of freshly baked bread.. :)

Published February 24, 2013 by randomlyramblinglyyours

I had been planning to make Chicken Bread from the very first day I saw this picture.Chicken Bread Step by Step Part 2

The whole technique and ‘Chicken’ being the trigger.

But, as usual laziness was taking first seat. I would wake up too late to get all the ingredients and would just delay baking it. Finally today, I was mega upset over something and I jumped to the-always-successful-formula-to-de-upset — BAKING!.

I love to bake when I am super excited or super nervous or like today super upset. The whole process of getting your hands and your clothes loaded with flour and kneading soft dough is super great. ‘Super’ is my word of the day. Love the smell in the kitchen.

Here is a picture of some of the chicken breads I baked. Not very perfect symmetry, but my family loved it. It was so soft. Mmmmmmmm… Why didn’t I make more?!!


I tried making some rosette-shaped, unfortunately, they didn’t turn out to look like rosettes. In the picture I am trying to hold ‘the petal’ in place. 😀

Here is the link to the recipe I followed.

The recipe calls for milk powder and as I didn’t have any, I used milk instead. I used almost 1/4 cup of milk, as I had low-fat milk and figured to make 2 tbsp of milk powder I may need that much of milk. LOL. Weird logic. I know. 🙂

To anyone who hasn’t tried baking yet to de-stress. They should. And this recipe is a great start. I don’t think anyone can go wrong with it. And even if you do. You will have all the more reason to bake. 🙂

Happy Baking!

Khuda Hafiz :))))))))


My T.V. is Burnt…. It’s kind of my fault :l

Published February 23, 2013 by randomlyramblinglyyours

Two days back, I was watching T.V. with my sister and mum. When suddenly the screen went all ziish zoosh- that’s my way of saying that we could see vertical lines but the voice was clear.  So, I switched it off thinking of it as some video game. Does anyone remember what the screen would show when we put the Mario game cassettes the wrong way? That’s exactly what ziish zoosh is.

Anyways, I switched it on again and it was still ziishing and zooshing. This time instead of switching it off, I let it stay on and waited for my dad to come. My dad is this superman who can fix just anything. So, I thought he’ll fix this too. He came after about 15 minutes and my sister started sniffing like a police dog that she could smell something weird. It was the T.V.! Something inside it burnt. Very bad. Our T.V. area still has that rubber wire burning smell. 

So our T.V. got burnt. Bad? No. I think it has been one of the best things happened to our family in a long time. Now, my parents don’t lie down in front of the T.V. and watch news the whole day. We actually talk. It’s not that we never had family time. We did. But it was only limited to dinners and sitting in front of the T.V., watching politicians grab each others necks. Now, my dad comes back from office and we talk. My mother is quite bored though, because she used to watch an Islamic channel in the afternoons which she cant now ( Atleast until the next T.V. comes)

I am enjoying this no T.V. phase. Last night, I had a very long conversation with my dad about random things. I guess, I am happy about it, because I hardly talk. I am a very difficult person to start a conversation with.

Can anyone give me a link to download IMM 5257 F- Canadian visit visa form. The link I have takes me to this page where it says I need to upgrade my adobe reader. I did that. But, it still doesn’t work.

Enough bakwaas for the day.

Khuda Hafiz 🙂

CCL tickets for Sale

Published February 21, 2013 by randomlyramblinglyyours

I have 2 premium Celebrity Cricket League tickets for sale worth AED 2000!

Match between Bollywood heroes like Aftab Shivdasani, Salman Khan & Chennai Actors.

Venue : Dubai International Stadium

I know my blog is not a happening place. But I wouldnt miss the chance to earn some extra cash. I am willing to sell it for half the price!

Comment below for details.

The tale of the pigeon..

Published February 13, 2013 by randomlyramblinglyyours

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in a jungle and found a flower which had magical powers in its scent…

No. I don’t have any interesting stories to tell, like how many bloggers do. Its such a talent to write things from your daily life and put it in such a way which others enjoy reading.

Ornithophobia is a fear of birds. There are people who have a fear of anything which flies, and some fear just birds. I too suffer from this phobia. I agree that birds are such a beautiful creation of Allah like everything else. And I do admire their beauty and all.

This fear of mine had a very low reading on the phobia scale. BUT, one fine(which you will later find that it turned into a very un-fine one) summer evening around 8-9 yrs back my mom told me to close the sliding doors to the balcony and switch on the air conditioner. I went towards the door, unaware of the fact that this was my last peaceful walk to the balcony. I began closing the doors (its a long process because our balcony is a little longer than the normal length I have seen in apartments here.) Anyhow I am closing the doors and talking to my mom and they just wont close. Just a tiny little gap was left. I thought maybe its a tiny pebble or something so I pushed harder. No effect. I looked down for the obstruction, didn’t see anything, looked up and then looked down again. I screamed and yelled and I don’t know what all I did. I pushed the doors open and ran to the room farthest from the balcony, locked myself and cried. Between the sliding doors was the neck of a pigeon who wasn’t feeling well that day( I later remembered my mother telling me that she had kept some grains and water for the pigeon that day). I just cant  erase that from my memory. I know, I know.. all those vegetarians will be thinking , hundreds of such birds are killed everyday just to satisfy our taste buds. But, this was different. That poor pigeon who was already unwell and to take shelter from the heat outside had kept its head on the tiles inside and I did my level best to kill it! I can never forget those eyes. Those round, black eyes were pleading me not to kill. Ya Allah!

From that day on wards my fear has crossed the higher limit. I jump and scream at the sight of a pigeon, sometimes even any other bird. I scoot down in the middle of the street, if I see a pigeon flying somewhere near me. I close my eyes while driving if there is a pigeon on the road, and start honking like crazy. What do I fear? I feel like every pigeon knows what I did that day. And one day all of them are going to take revenge.

Presently, my balcony is like a hangout place for pigeons. my parents and sisters like before keep food and water for them. I hardly go out to the balcony now. Even if I have to I bang on all the glass doors to make sure there are no pigeons.Very carefully I plan my steps before stepping out. Which aren’t more than 2. As my mom only asks me to hand over the extra boxes she stores in the balcony, which are luckily just kept near the door.

I say, the pigeons too share the blame of this heightened fear of mine. Whenever I try to shoo them away, they just stare back at me. As soon as I see a pigeon, and that horrible incident crosses my mind, that pigeon very slowly turns its head and stares. EEEE!!.. Its scary.

The flit-flatter they do with their wings. That weird sound they make. And the way they just keep clicking their beaks into things. Any of these is enough for me to get into an anxiety attack.

I once read a hadith which went something like, one shouldn’t run away from fears but dive into it.I don’t see that happening anywhere in the future (though my dad is very keen to push me in the balcony and lock me there until I don’t get over this fear) I think the day I go in the middle of pigeons will be my last.

I know its a stupid kind of a fear. I really try not to act this way, but, I cant help it. Sometimes I feel really weak. Once during college time, I was sitting with a couple of friends(only 2 of them were aware of my ‘irrational’ fear-as they called it) in the canteen. It was a birthday treat and there were some other class mates too with whom I wasn’t very close to. Now my college’s canteen used to be more of a bird house at the end of the day so I hardly went there at that time. My friends had dragged me to the canteen and now, there were these orange beaked black birds all around the table, pecking on the left overs of the day (Yes, our canteen was not a very clean one). I was controlling myself to not run away from there. I didn’t want others to know about it. I didn’t even realise, tears were trickling down my face. When one of the guys at the table noticed me and got worried and I could see from the corner of my eye, my friend explaining to him about my fear. And he made this weird face.I felt so eeee.. I don’t know what.

Once in India, I had to get some books from my study room on the 2nd floor. Nobody stays on the 2nd floor usually so the lights were out. I climbed the stairs and switched on the lights but it didnt work. So, I looked at the bulb. And Screamed!! There on the bulb was a pigeon sitting and staring.That deathly stare. Even my scream didn’t make it flitter and flatter it’s wings like normally pigeons do( I am thankful for that, because that would have killed me for sure.). I ran downstairs screaming and crying. ” There is a pigeon upstairs.. (waiting to kill me) I yelled!! What was my fault? None. No windows were found open.! Really don’t when that pigeon must have flown in and settled on that bulb, waiting for me.

I really have this feeling that these pigeons in my balcony are planning revenge.

Pigeon Poop

Until next time ( If I don’t fall prey to the pigeons, that is.),

Khuda Hafiz.

Declared :- My blog is my diary. I write nonsense which is un-understandable by other readers

Published January 26, 2013 by randomlyramblinglyyours

Its been more than two weeks since I am home and I haven’t done anything productive yet. I just hog and watch videos on you tube. I watch nonsense for hours and when its finally time for lunch/ dinner, I realise I could have watched dental surgeries (yes, I find it entertaining :D).

The last time I was here I made this on our room’s wall.Image

I am not saying this was productive, but I did something other than lying on my bed. To be honest its not my design. I copied it from a you tube video ( errm yea I was doing the same thing even then). I really liked it, but our room got white washed and now I can only see it’s faint outline.

I was saying I just watch you tube videos, that’s partly true. Because along with watching videos I play with toys too (you can see them in the picture below).


The Alien was very much fine this morning but while trying to remove the green squishy ball it has as eyeballs , I pulled the head off.. so now I have a headless hat wearing alien with its head as as a wise friend resting on the rainbow spring :). So , I sound like that forever alone meme is for me. It kind of is nowadays. All my friends are busy in their respective lives- studying further, working, or getting married. I am very happily sitting on my bed playing (destroying) with toys. No, I am not going to start talking about my boring life. I think I actually choose to do nothing. I am taking my own sweet time to decide what has to be done for the future.

Its not that I don’t want to do anything. As I mentioned in my previous post that my sister is married,so,  I am here to see her off. She was leaving by the end of this month but now its postponed. I am going to stay longer as my mum will need me after she has left. All this time I have to remain jobless ( cant work here, as I have to clear an exam for which I”l be eligible only after 1 more yr of work ex).

Sometimes I wonder why don’t I see this happening in other people’s lives, where one has to choose over career or family. I also begin to think, in today’s world people like me who put family before everything can be successful in their careers? Am I too overly attached to my family? I don’t see it as a fault, it was just a random thought which crossed my mind when speaking to a friend.

I said somewhere above that I am not going to talk about my boring life. And that is all I did after. You now know another of my traits. I cant shut up when it comes to talking nonsense.

Anyways, I plan on making tomorrow more ‘productive’ iA! ( planning to make a cheese cake, I can later hog on while watching videos :D).

Khuda Hafiz 🙂


Published January 25, 2013 by randomlyramblinglyyours

Yey!..I am writing another post within a day. This time I am going to be regular. Reading my last post again ( lol, I myself increase the stats) I found out that what I hate most about PMS is that I am not in control of my emotions ( well, I can control them if I want to but I just dont. < I dont know if that makes sense). I like to be in control of my emotions, my actions. This is one reason I have stopped watching serials which tend to make me feel what I am watching.

Enough with my nonsensical emotions. I am really weird with all this. I know. I am a control freak. A clean freak. And I guess just all kinds of freaky-ness can be found in me.

me syndrome

Until next time, Khuda Hafiz 🙂

& hopefully I ‘ll have something better to write about.

My PMS blogging..

Published January 24, 2013 by randomlyramblinglyyours

WARNING : Read at your own risk.

I was just going through all the blogs I follow and I remembered.. I have a blog too! The last post was on 30th July 2012. And I thought I could become a regular blogger. :l

I know (almost?) every girl goes through PMS almost every month but I feel I have a severe case of it. Well. not THAT severe, I have read some females even attempt suicide. I say its severe, because I dont see anyone in my family or friends become a beast like I do. I become really moody, like this person who can only open her mouth to hurt others. And now that I am home with my sisters I feel really bad that I get angry at them and mostly my older sister because she is leaving soon( she is married now and shifting to Canada). Nobody at home gets it that I am in the PMS mode.

Today we went out for a picnic with family friends we are really close to. I just didnt want to speak to anyone. And even if somebody was talking to me I gave very short replies and just sat alone the whole time. Why do I have to explain everytime that this is what happens with me?. We also had guests for dinner tonight and I just wanted to stay in bed. But my sister came to ask for help in the kitchen and I cant say No. I have a problem with that too. So, I am just angry all the time that I had to get up from my bed but still keep doing the work and the result is I take it all out on my sister. I don’t know how this has happened. I sometimes wonder staying away from my family hasn’t been good for me. My family doesn’t understand me now.hmm..or maybe its my fault I cant fit in,

Oh yeah, I was saying I become a beast. Because I can eat every high calorie food I can get my hands on. Also, before this craving begins I have a bad case of pre-menstrual diarrhoea ( this post is getting stupider every second). I really have no energy to do a single thing, which is more irritating when I am at work ( Am I kidding myself?.. I am happily jobless at the moment :D)

It becomes so difficult for me to smile that even when I feel like I don’t. I haven’t mentioned before, smiling is a huge problem for me. It comes automatically when I am in my white coat but without it I am this weird person who cant smile. I see a cute kid or just want to smile at someone, I do this weird thing with my lips which scares away the kids and the grown ups just look at me weirdly. :S .

I feel like all the hormones and chemicals in my body go against me. I loose the power to think properly. It even becomes difficult to offer Salat with concentration.

Does this happen to any of you?

Khuda Hafiz!

P.S. I just looked at my side, for the chocloate I was hogging on, I found 3 wrappers- Galaxy, Milkyway, Mars ( haha only things beyond this Earth can comfort me ).